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  • Colin Jonov

Version of Yourself Isn’t the One You Think it is

The best version of you isn’t the “I can do anything” version. It’s the disciplined version. The person who does what they say they’re gonna do when they don’t want to do it. The person who feels fear and chooses to do it anyways. The person who sets parameters; I don’t drink this, I don’t eat that, I don’t hang out with those people. That’s the best version of you; so deeply committed to the best YOU. The pain of success will be far less than the pain of regret. Either way in life you’ll endure pain. It’s just which type of pain are you willing to go through?

Your Disciplined Self: Building the disciplined version of ourself is a process, not an event. It requires continuous effort, a willingness to step out of our comfort zone, and a commitment to personal values. It’s about setting non-negotiable standards for ourself and sticking to them, even when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. This process is not about imposing limitations but about creating a framework within which we can thrive and achieve what we said we were going to. Our decisions about diet, social interactions, and lifestyle aren’t restrictions; they are conscious selections that align with a broader vision for our life.

The Power of Choices: Be the individual who stands firm in their commitments, especially when they are most challenging to uphold. When, facing fear and discomfort, opt for action over avoidance. Our lives aren’t solely defined by what we indulge in but by what we consciously abstain from. We choose not to indulge in certain foods or drinks, not as a deprivation but as an affirmation of our values. We curate our social circles, understanding that the company we keep significantly influences our trajectory.

The Two Pains: Success and Regret: Every path in life is accompanied by its own form of pain. On one hand, there’s the pain associated with the pursuit of success — this includes the challenges, the sacrifices, and the times when giving up seems easier than persisting. Although often intense, this pain is temporary and life-changing, leading to growth, achievement, and fulfillment. On the other hand, there’s the pain of regret — a more insidious, lingering pain that stems from unexplored potential and opportunities not taken. The decision between these two types of pain, defines the trajectory of our lives. To me, it’s an easy one to make. The pain of regret is eternal. The pain of success is transient. Your actions will define the path you take.

It’s important to remember that the pursuit of mental and emotional fortitude is not about stretching ourselves thin across countless endeavors. It is about applying a disciplined focus towards what truly matters, understanding that in the disciplined choices and actions lies the path to mastery and self-fulfillment. Embrace discipline not as a limitation, but as a liberating force that guides you towards your highest potential.

To Building Fortitude!

Best Regards,

Colin Jonov, Founder & CEO Athletic Fortitude

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