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  • Colin Jonov

The Strength of Belief: My Tribute to Those Who Stand by Me

For many, the desire to prove haters wrong can serve as a powerful motivating force. However, while proving the doubters wrong can give us a short burst of energy, it’s the commitment to proving ourselves, and those who believe in us, right that can sustain us through the long haul.

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting Sahil Bloom, my favorite content creator and a wildly successful entrepreneur. I reached out to him, eager to gain some wisdom from his experience. He suggested a coffee shop, and while most would have opted for a more convenient virtual call, I chose to make the journey to New York. To Sahil’s surprise, I had traveled 7 hours from Pittsburgh to be there. Reflecting on our meeting, Sahil later tweeted:

Sahil’s vote of confidence is a powerful reminder. It is a commitment that I don’t take lightly. I owe it to him, and to others who believe in me, to make that bet a winning one.

This sentiment is mirrored by my college friends. Six of them recently made a cross-country trip for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Despite being in various phases of life, their unwavering support remains constant. When friends from San Diego, New Jersey, and central PA make that kind of effort, it speaks volumes. They have had such a profound impact on my life, probably more than they realize. Their belief in me drives me to succeed not to prove my worth but to validate their faith in me.

Then there’s my wife, Marissa. Her unrelenting support has been my bedrock. Through every high and low, early morning, and late-night grind, she’s been by my side. The journey to success is never solitary. It is paved with the love, sacrifice, and faith of those we hold dear. Every stride I make is in tribute to her unwavering faith and support.

Lastly, the deepest commitment is to myself. Underneath the layers of external validation and support lies an inherent belief in my own capabilities. The voice that says, “You own this.” That inherent belief is what keeps the fire burning, propelling me forward even on the toughest days.

Each of us has a goal we’re striving towards. There’s always something in front of us that feels impossible to overcome. Remember the ones in your corner, through thick and thin. Remember the joy and hope that gave you the inspiration to get started. Remember the promises you made to yourself. Trust me, you’re closer to realizing your dreams than you might believe. It’s the profound commitment to proving ourselves, and those who believe in us, right that creates a discipline to last a lifetime. We owe it to them, but most importantly, we owe it to ourselves. The work will always speak for itself; our job is to ensure we give it everything we’ve got.

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