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How I Stay Motivated: My 4-Step Playbook

This past weekend, one of the athletes I work with called me seeking advice on staying motivated. He mentioned my newsletter and expressed interest in starting his own. He wanted to know how I stay consistent, where I find motivation and inspiration, and how I overcome periods of low motivation. Inspired by our conversation, I decided to share my insights with all of you. While I have touched upon these topics in previous newsletters, I will condense them into this week’s edition. So, here’s how I stay motivated:

First and foremost, I absolutely love writing. It’s a therapeutic outlet for me, making it easier for me to show up and write every day. Writing is one aspect of my business that I genuinely enjoy. By finding something you love to do, you can tap into a consistent source of motivation. Writing regularly ensures that I always have something to write about. Not every newsletter is my best work, but since I constantly write, I always have something to share. Discover something you genuinely enjoy, determine the frequency that works for you, and make it your priority. No matter what happens, I am committed to writing this newsletter. In a world filled with countless newsletters, I aim to outlast them all.

Secondly, I find inspiration each day by curating my environment. I surround myself with content that maximizes my potential and uplifts me. All of my social media content comes from elite-minded individuals and athletes. This deliberate choice ensures that I am constantly exposed to incredible information that challenges my thoughts and beliefs, which I then share with all of you. When I scroll through Twitter or Instagram, it’s a healthy experience. There’s no mindless scrolling down a wormhole. Instead, I engage with content that brings me alive, whether it’s related to fitness, diet, or mindset. I am in love with learning. If I come across anything that doesn’t align with my goals, I either mute or block it. Taking control of my social media has had a profound impact on my life and mood. It can either break you or become one of your greatest assets. Remember, we have the power to decide which path it takes. This principle extends beyond social media; it includes the books I read, the articles I consume, the podcasts I listen to, and the people I surround myself with. I intentionally immerse myself in things and people that uplift and enhance me. There’s an abundance of motivation and inspiration in my life because I consistently expose myself to uplifting influences.

Thirdly, I’ve mastered the art of building good habits and eliminating bad ones. I make it easy, obvious, and rewarding. I started small and gradually increased my commitment. It began with just five minutes of writing each day and has now expanded to a full hour. Writing has become a non-negotiable priority for me. Most days, as long as I write, I consider it a win, regardless of what else happens. Of course, there are days when I struggle to find inspiration or don’t write for the full hour. However, every single morning, I dedicate uninterrupted time to my writing. When you make it easy and obvious, it becomes difficult not to do it. I owe a lot of my habit formation skills to the book “Atomic Habits,” which has been life-changing for me. It can have the same impact on your life. Trust me, it works — I am living proof.

Lastly, all of you are my accountability partners. I know that every Monday and Thursday, you eagerly await my newsletter in your inbox. I owe it to myself and to all of you to deliver the best newsletter I can on those two days every week. Even on the days or times when I don’t feel like it, you all motivate me to get it done. I genuinely cannot fathom not sending out a newsletter when I am supposed to. Having an accountability partner is crucial, even for those of us who are highly self-driven. Finding at least one person who will hold you accountable to the things you commit to can yield tremendous dividends. So, thank you! Each and every one of you plays an incredible role in my life, and I cherish every interaction when one of you reaches out. It brings me immense joy.

If you’re considering starting something new, ensure that you genuinely love it. That love will carry you through the tough times and keep you committed even when motivation fades. Curate your environment to be a source of continuous inspiration, build good habits that support your goals, and find accountability partners who will keep you on track. Remember, consistency is key. It’s not about doing it all at once but about showing up, day after day, and doing a little bit more each time. Your journey might have ups and downs, but your passion and commitment will guide you through.

As we wrap up this week’s newsletter, I encourage you to reflect on your own sources of motivation. What do you love doing? How can you create an environment that enhances your goals and aspirations? Who are your accountability partners? Ponder these questions and start implementing changes that align with your ambitions. Remember, it’s the small, consistent steps that lead to significant changes.

To Building Fortitude forever and always.

Best Regards,

Colin Jonov, Founder & CEO Athletic Fortitude

P.S. Want to share your experiences or challenges with us? Reply to this newsletter or connect with me on social media @ColkyJonov10. I’m here to support you on your journey!

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