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  • Colin Jonov

Crafting Your Confidence: The Art of Character Invention

I want to share with you this incredible concept that has not only changed the lives of global icons but has begun to change mine as well.

Have you ever wondered how any individual can seemingly transform into powerhouses of confidence on the biggest stage? Take Beyoncé, for example. In her early years, she was known to be a shy and reserved individual. It seemed impossible to her to perform in front of audiences worldwide despite her being capable of electrifying performances.

However, Beyoncé had a secret: she invented Sasha Fierce.

Sasha Fierce was not just a whimsical creation; she was a character designed to embody boldness, confidence, and the ability to dominate the stage, elements that shy Beyoncé found challenging to create. Through Sasha, Beyoncé could step into a realm of unlimited potential, breaking free from the chains of shyness and self-doubt.

Another example of this concept is the great Kobe Bryant. Kobe had a closely guarded secret: the birth of “The Black Mamba.”

“The Black Mamba” wasn’t just a cool nickname; it was a meticulously crafted alter-ego. This character was conceived as an embodiment of relentless determination, laser focus, and unyielding confidence, qualities essential for mastering the intense, pressure-filled environment of professional basketball. The “Mamba Mentality” implied a state of mind where challenges were merely stepping stones to greatness, not insurmountable obstacles.

When Kobe slipped into his Mamba persona, he accessed a reservoir of mental strength and unwavering confidence, enabling him to perform athletic miracles on the court, leaving fans and fellow athletes in awe. Through the “Black Mamba,” Kobe could sidestep fear, anxiety, and doubt, stepping into a world of excellence and unparalleled performance.

Now, you might wonder, “Does this actually work?”

A few months ago, I discovered the technique that Beyoncé and Kobe had used: Character Invention. At that time, I decided to give it a try with some of my own fears and limitations. My character name is Will Powers. When I turn on Will Powers, I am able to embrace my moment in my own way. It gives me the will and power to be the most confident person in the room whenever I am speaking to an audience of people. The initial results have been incredible for me.

Character Invention isn’t some mystical, inaccessible tool; it’s a straightforward and immensely empowering technique, deeply connected to drama therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). And the fantastic part? Anyone can use it.

Here’s how you can craft your inner champion:

Visualize Your Character: Start by visualizing a persona who encapsulates all the qualities and skills you aspire to have in a given domain of your life.

Name Your Character: A name isn’t just a label; it’s a powerful tool that helps solidify and define your character, providing a sense of reality and presence to it. Once you identify the traits you want your character to represent, build your name around those traits.

Select a Spark: Find something that helps you instantly channel your character. It could be a specific item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, or simply just taking a deep breath and emerging as your character.

Embody Your Character: Study and adopt the physical traits, mannerisms, and behaviors of your character. Walk, talk, and act like them.

Practice Makes Perfect: Consistency is key. Practice being your character regularly, starting in safe, low-pressure situations until you feel comfortable and natural.

When I initially experimented with my character in small, everyday scenarios, I noticed a surprising shift in the dynamics. Gradually, as I got better at adopting my character, I began using it to tackle significant challenges, and the results have been nothing short of inspiring.

So, it’s now your turn! Dive deep into the fascinating process of Character Invention and watch as doors you thought permanently closed swing open wide, leading you towards success and personal development you never thought possible.

Can’t wait to hear about the fantastic things you’ll achieve!

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