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  • Colin Jonov

3 Things Elite Performers Have in Common

Welcome back to my midweek motivation! Each day and week brings its own set of experiences and inspirations, compelling me to share my thoughts with all of you.

Every athlete wants to be great, but not every athlete truly knows how to achieve greatness. There are likely not too many people surrounding them, encouraging the habits that create greatness. Today, I want to analyze three things that truly great performers have in common.

Firstly, they dominate the short run with the long run at the top of their mind.

Ultra-successful athletes have a goal in mind, create a plan, and stick to that plan. During the process, they break it down into monthly, weekly, and daily objectives that will lead them to their long-term yearly, 5-year, and 10-year goals. They commit and go all in. There’s no second option for these guys and girls. Whatever it takes is what it takes for them to get to where they want to go. With that in mind, they have an extraordinary capability of dominating the present moment. Each day, their focus is on whatever it takes to be their best for that day. If being their best that day means emphasizing recovery, then that day they are the best recoverees in the world. There’s nothing that deters them from their path. They are relentless in their pursuit and attack it one day at a time. They have the perspective to look at their big goals and break them down to the micro level of each day and week. They often ask themselves, “Would a champion do this?” before making decisions. Yes, tying our identity to our actions helps drive action in the direction we want to go. Having the end in mind will drive short-term decision-making. The best of the best do this flawlessly.

Secondly, there’s zero quit.

There’s absolutely no giving up with elite athletes. They are absolutely relentless. Losses, injuries, setbacks — it doesn’t matter. They will simply figure it out. By any means necessary, they will find the solutions they are looking for. Does losing devastate them? Absolutely. They are sickened by those things. The difference is they simply don’t dwell on them. They understand those pains for what they are and quickly channel that energy into action. They don’t sit back and wait; they are on the attack. They will lose battles here and there, but by sheer brute force, they will win many wars.

Lastly, they are irrational.

Elite people in any domain of life are simply irrational. Not irrational in the sense that they do stupid things, but in the sense that people can’t relate to the intensity with which they approach their craft. We are talking about the 0.001% here, ladies and gentlemen. These guys and girls spend most of their waking moments obsessing over their sport. Every waking moment, they question their work ethic. They never feel as if they are doing enough, even though they’re doing more than everyone else. Some would call it unhealthy; that depends on who you ask. Nothing amplifies this better than this clip from NBA legend JJ Redick:

Elite players don’t just love the process. They’re sick to the process. The detail and ability to recite his routine by heart shows you how these people operate. If you question what it takes, watch the above clip. It’s important to know what type of game you’re playing. What level do you really want to reach? Ask yourself, answer honestly, then commit to it.

To Building Fortitude.

Warm regards,

Colin Jonov CEO & Founder, Athletic Fortitude

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