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Performance Mindset


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Athletic Fortitude is an exclusive, privately-reviewed community tailored specifically for professional athletes.

Who We Are

Athletic Fortitude was founded knowing that athletes all over the world struggle with internal darkness that is invisible to the world. On the surface, athletes are frequently seen as gladiators, but that doesn't mean we aren't normal people with normal thoughts and emotions.

Throughout founder Colin Jonov's own athletic career, he dealt with the emotional highs and lows that come with being an athlete - from performance anxiety to the crushing blow of losing his sport. He refused to let this be the norm. Athletes deserve to be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to take on any mental hurdles thrown their way.

That's why Athletic Fortitude's mission is so important:


To make sure every athlete on earth has easy access to the resources necessary to take on any mental hurdles thrown their way. 

Athletic Fortitude is the fastest growing community dedicated to empowering athletes in achieving optimal performance, helping establish and define their unique athletic identities. Our mission is to support and foster connections among athletes seeking a sense of belonging, while addressing the daily challenges they encounter in maximizing performance and unlocking their ultimate potential.


Athletes often grapple with performance anxiety, pressure to consistently perform at peak levels, and the struggle to maintain both physical and mental resilience. They require an outlet to express their emotions concerning their mental health and performance mindset. These factors are essential not just for reaching peak performance, but also for sustaining it and unlocking their full potential for success. We provide this outlet, offering each athlete a platform to explore their sports mindset, mental health, and performance mindset

. We will unleash your inner fortitude.

Athletic Fortitude

Colin Jonov

Our approach combines a variety of strategies to help athletes overcome issues related to mental health and performance mindset. By successfully addressing these challenges, each athlete can thrive, improve, and achieve successes previously hindered by mental blockages and breakdowns. We provide this support through our exclusive private community, open only to handpicked professional athletes.

In our private community, members enjoy benefits such as weekly roundtables, masterclasses from top minds, 24/7 support, tailored strategies and techniques, confidentiality, exclusive weekend retreats, and personalized one-on-one sessions. With these resources and trainings, we are confident in our ability to help you reach your goals and achieve the pinnacle of success and potential.

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