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How Your Company Influences Your Potential: Insights from The Athletic Fortitude Show

Sometimes I wish I had an audio recorder in my own mind. My best thoughts frequently occur when I am driving or working out, and I don’t have the capability to write things down. However, this past Friday, I was fortunate enough to record an amazing podcast with a good friend of mine, John Petrishen. It’s the start of The Athletic Fortitude Show’s player and coach series. Yes, there will be some psychologists and mental performance coaches sprinkled in as well. However, I believe it’s imperative to get different perspectives and solutions from the guys and girls at the front line of competition.

There’s something about when JP and I get together where our minds just build off one another. It’s that same type of free flow of thoughts I get when I am working out or driving. Things just come to me; I can’t explain it. Naturally, we were like, “We gotta record an episode together, man.” Normally, listening to myself on a podcast is tough because I am just coaching my every little mistake. However, this is one I genuinely can’t wait to listen to because we are two guys on the journey of where we want to go. We haven’t made it… yet. But we will, and that’s what made our best thoughts come out, fortunately enough with a camera to capture it all. All of this is being said to prove a point my previous podcast guest Brian Miles said, “Make sure you fill your cup.”

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to surround yourself with people who “get it.” Yes, the path towards your own greatness is lonely. Yes, you’ll be misunderstood. Yes, it’ll be hard and painful. However, find those people who, through thick and thin, will always have your back. That’s a friendship JP and I have formed. I think if you had told both of us that 8 years ago when we trained together for the first time, we both probably would have laughed. However, it’s real, and every time we get together or have a conversation, you can bet our cups are filled a little bit higher. People say negative energy is contagious. Well, try some joy and gratitude. I can assure you it’s 100x more contagious. The best in the world are experts at how they control their energy. Make sure the right people around you are getting your energy. If you have energy subtractors surrounding you, then every step becomes a little more difficult. When you have energy multipliers with you, then every step forward feels more like a leap. A strong indication of how successful you’re going to be in life will be a reflection of your inner circle. Seriously, reflect on the people you surround yourself with. Do they get it? Maybe another question to ask is: Do YOU get it? Are you a multiplier or a subtractor? Do elite people want you in their circle? I spent my days being a subtractor for far too long. It took me some low points in my life to realize that being a multiplier for others is so much more joyful. If you’re looking for a first step to unlocking your untapped potential, then choose to be a multiplier and surround yourself with other multipliers. You’ll be surprised how far you can go and the rooms you’ll find yourself in.

Appreciate all the people in my life who are real ones. You know who you are.

P.S. There will be no new drop for the AF Show next week. We will continue to promote old episodes. However, we will take the week to promote this episode between JP and me to give it its proper viewing and release!

Best Regards,

Colin Jonov, Founder & CEO Athletic Fortitude

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